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Uniting Christian Publishing and Technology

Before we were a fully-fledged publishing house, Lexham Press had its roots as a creator of digital resources for Logos Bible Software. As we’ve grown and our vision has expanded, we haven’t lost sight of this foundational relationship to innovation. Building digital-native resources designed for and integrated into the most advanced Bible software platform gives us the flexibility to do whatever works best for a given project and audience.

LBD on mobile
Lexham Bible Dictionary within the Logos Bible app.
L9 on laptop
The new Factbook within Logos 9

The databases that power Logos Bible Software gave us exhaustive coverage of the Bible while providing clear answers to crucial questions. In Logos 9, the power of that underlying data is integrated into the completely redesigned Factbook. Look up biblical terms, lemmas, specialized theological terms, manuscripts, and so much more. Each Factbook entry starts with a succinct overview drawn from authoritative biblical resources like the Lexham Bible Dictionary.

The Logos digital platform also gives us the opportunity to build inventive resources, like a commentary series unlike any other before it—the Lexham Context Commentary. This brand new commentary guides readers through the literary context of the Bible, especially the contextual thought flow at each level of a book’s organization. The Lexham Context Commentary is like a heavily annotated outline of the entire Bible. Zoom in as close—or out as far—as you want, and you’ll never take a verse out of context again.

Lexham Context Commentary
Lexham Context Commentary excerpt

Introduced in Logos 8, the Lexham Survey of Theology provides a unique introduction to the doctrines of the Christian faith. All the major topics in systematic theology are organized in a hierarchy that captures their interrelationships and a brief introduction is provided to each theological topic. And the power of Logos Bible Software allows it to act as an index to what numerous theologians have to say about any given theological topic. The Lexham Survey of Theology does for systematic theologies what the Bible reference system has done for commentaries, journals, and other biblical studies resources.

Lexham Survey of Theology
Lexham Survey of Theology

These innovative resources are perfect examples of using technology to make God’s Word more approachable and more understandable. And since we’ve been creating these resources for years, there’s a wealth of data to draw on to continue building new, cutting-edge resources and tools.