Interested in publishing with us?

Lexham Press publishes a range of evangelical scholarly and pastoral works in the areas of biblical studies (including Bible reference and original language resources), theology (biblical, historical, and systematic), and ministry resources. As an evangelical publisher, all our works are harmonious with the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association’s statement of faith.

A complete proposal will include:

  • A brief summary of the project's theme, scope, argument, length, and expected completion date
  • Your specific qualifications and passion for this project
  • A careful description of your intended audience
  • A list of popular or well-regarded competing works
  • Two or more selections from the manuscript—ideally the introduction and a key later chapter
  • Your CV

If you've already discussed a proposal with one of the editors on the Lexham team, you should email your materials to that person directly. Otherwise, we will respond to your email after an editor with appropriate expertise has had a chance to consider your manuscript. This usually takes between four and eight weeks.

Due to the large number of book proposals we receive, we are not able to respond to each one. If you have submitted a proposal to us and have not heard back after eight weeks, feel free to pursue other publishing opportunities.

Note: Information about submitting proposals for the two peer-reviewed series of contemporary monographs can be found below.

Thanks for considering us for your next project!

Monograph series submissions

Lexham Press accepts unsolicited submissions for two peer-reviewed series of contemporary monographs.

Submission process

Submissions for future publication in the SHST and SSBT series are reviewed twice yearly (see chart below).

The next submission deadline is August 15, 2023.

Monograph Series Submission Form

Submissions will be reviewed by Lexham Press editors and external peer-reviewers in the relevant field. In each review period, a limited number of manuscripts may be selected for publication.

Submission deadline Review period Authors notified
February 15, 2023 Spring: March-May 2023 June 2023
August 15, 2023 Fall: September-November 2023 December 2023