What is Lexham Press?

Lexham Press is an innovative Christian publishing house creating thoughtful Bible study materials, scholarly works, and pastoral resources. To learn more about our mission and vision, visit our About page or read a few stories highlighting the things that make Lexham a visionary, faithful, and fruitful publisher.

What is Kirkdale Press?

Kirkdale Press, a sister imprint to Lexham Press, focuses on publishing titles in Christian living, leadership and professional development, and faith-informed fiction. Learn more about Kirkdale Press.

Where can I purchase Lexham Press titles?

All Lexham Press and Kirkdale Press print titles are available to purchase direct from LexhamPress.com. To see our available titles, browse through our online catalog. Other online and physical storefronts carry our titles, including Amazon.com, ChristianBook.com, and many others.

All of our titles are also available digitally in many formats, including Logos enhanced digital, Kindle, Nook, and others. Many of our titles were built exclusively for Logos Bible Software as enhanced digital books and are not available in print.

Does LexhamPress.com offer special shipping rates?

Yes! On all orders from LexhamPress.com, we offer free shipping in the US. For orders to Canada and Mexico, we offer flat shipping rates of $6.00 USD and $7.50 USD, respectively. For all other international orders, our shipping rates vary greatly and will be calculated in your shopping cart.

If you did not receive tracking information for your order, please contact us via email at customerservice@lexhampress.com and we can provide tracking information.

What is Logos? How do Logos digital books differ from ebooks in other platforms (Kindle, Nook, etc.)? Why do I have an account with them?

Logos provides the world’s most advanced Bible study tools. Its massive networked libraries, fast searches, original language tools, and helpful Bible-knowledge features help you draw insight from Scripture. The software’s beautiful media allow you to easily share these insights with others.

A Logos digital book is enhanced with amazing functionality. Scripture citations link directly to English translations, and important terms link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources in your digital library. Take the discussion with you using tablet and mobile apps. Powerful searches help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Many of our Logos digital books include multimedia resources and are integrated with the features inside Logos.

The Logos platform includes Proclaim, Biblia.com, and more. All of these tools are connected by a single account—your Logos account.

Are there any special pricing options available?

Yes! We offer exclusive print and digital bundles of many of our books as well as exclusive publisher discounts. We also have special pricing options for churches, schools, and organizations who wish to make bulk purchases. Send an email to orders@lexhampress.com for bulk purchasing inquiries.

I’ve experienced a problem with my account or Lexham title. What should I do?

Our Customer Service Center would be glad to assist you by email at customerservice@lexhampress.com or phone at (800) 875–6467.

Group Licenses

Purchasing Group Licenses:

What is a group license?

A group license allows you to buy a digital license of a resource and distribute it to others.

Why do I have to create a group if I want to buy multiple quantities of digital resources?

Faithlife groups are the tool we use for easy management and assignment of resources to others. If you decide to purchase a group license, you will be asked to create a new group or choose an existing group of which you are a member.

I want to purchase the resources here for multiple groups. Do I have to make separate purchases?

Yes, group assignment is for your entire cart. You will need to make separate purchases for each group for which you would like to purchase a resource.

How many copies do I need to buy?

Each license can only be assigned once—you will need to purchase as many copies as you have group members with whom you would like to share.

Assigning & Using Group Licenses:

How do I assign licenses I purchased?

Get started assigning group licenses by following these instructions.

I purchased resources for my group but don’t have permission to assign them. What do I do?

Admin permissions are required to assign licenses in a group. If you purchased resources but don’t have permission to assign them, ask your group’s administrator for assistance. To find your group’s admin, click Directory in the navigation sidebar, then look for the group member(s) with the Admin tag. If you’re still having trouble, give us a call at (800) 875-6467. We’re happy to help.

I’m a group administrator who assigned copies of a resource for my group. How do I let them know?

Once you’ve given your group members access to a resource, they’ll receive a notification and email automatically that lets them know how to get started.

Can I take a resource from one member and give it to another?

No, a resource cannot be shared by group members. Each member must have their own copy.

I accidentally assigned one of my licenses to the wrong person. Can I switch it to another user?

If you made an error in assigning a license, please call our customer service number for help at 800-875-6467 or email cs@logos.com.

I accidentally assigned a license to someone who already owns this resource. What do I do?

Please contact our customer service team for help at 800-875-6467 or email cs@logos.com.

I accidentally purchased my licenses for the wrong group! Can I switch what group my licenses are applied to?

If you accidentally purchased a license for the wrong group, we can issue you a refund and help you reorder for the correct group. Please call our customer service number for help at 800-875-6467 or email cs@logos.com.

If you have not yet checked out, you can change the group you have selected from your cart by clicking “change group” at the top of your order summary.

How can I see all the licenses I’ve purchased for my group?

Admin permissions are required to see licenses in a group.

If you purchased resources but don’t have permission to see them, ask your group’s administrator for assistance. To find your group’s admin, click Directory in the navigation sidebar and look for the group member(s) with the Admin tag.

As an admin, you can look at your group page on faithlife.com by clicking the “Settings” tab in the left sidebar. Then in the dropdown, click “Licenses” to see all the licenses purchased for your group, who is using them, and how many licenses you have left for each product. However, you are not able to see if the people you assigned licenses to have accessed their resource.

I’m a group member who just heard that I have access to a new Logos resource through my group. How do I start using Logos?

Logos is available for your iOS or Android device, online at app.logos.com, and as a free downloadable desktop application with Logos Basic. For the most robust experience, download the Logos desktop application. Every Logos user has access to each platform, and your account information is automatically synced across platforms and devices.

When you access Logos, log in with the same account you use for your church group on faithlife.com.

Why do I have to join a Faithlife group to receive resources from my church?

Faithlife groups are where we hold the licenses until they are assigned. After you receive your license, you do not need to remain in the group to retain access to your resource. However, a Faithlife group comes with many handy tools, so you may find that you want to use it to connect with your other group members about your resource.

How does group licensed content work when users leave and join a group?

Logos resources that are purchased with a group license will stay with a member, even if they leave their Faithlife group. Their ownership is the same as if the user had purchased it for themselves on logos.com.

Can I return a group license?

Group licenses follow Faithlife’s regular return policy.