Evangelical Exegetical Commentary - Logos Edition

without Compromise

Evangelical Exegetical Commentary Series: the trusted commentary you'll turn to again and again.

“…unquestionably the best technical commentary.”

—D. A. Carson on Ephesians

The Evangelical Exegetical Commentary Series (EEC) has been specifically created for exhaustive exploration that's never exhausting—meeting the exacting standards of critical biblical scholarship.

The Top-Tier Commentary Sure to Be the Bedrock of Your Bible Study


Commentaries That Don’t Skimp on the Details

The EEC focuses on unprecedented depth of study, leaving no pastoral or theological stone unturned. Case in point: the commentary on the book of Jude is an astounding 496 pages—by far the longest, most comprehensive commentary on one of the Bible’s shortest epistles. Even more incredible, like all EEC volumes, it remains accessible and easy to read.

Written by Today’s Top Scholars

The EEC boasts contributors who excel in the fields of Old and New Testament study, including scholars like: Eugene Carpenter, Harry A. Hoffner Jr., JoAnna M. Hoyt, and S. M. Baugh. Future volumes promise to continue the legacy with the likes of Ben Gladd, Brandon Crowe, Bryan Estelle, and Bryan Tabb.

Unapologetically Evangelical

The EEC is marked by fidelity to the authority of Scripture. These volumes reflect a serious commitment to divine inspiration while incorporating the insights of critical scholarship. Bottom line, this commentary begins and ends with the inerrant truth of the Word of God.

“Eugene Carpenter’s magnum opus is impressive in its scholarly breadth and depth.”

—Dr. Wayne McCown on Exodus


The EEC Debut of
NEW Testament Editor:
Andreas J. Köstenberger

Andreas Köstenberger is a leading New Testament scholar, prolific author, and editor of the premiere evangelical theological journal, employing his commitment to bringing biblically centered resources to the church.

The NEWest Addition
to the Series: Book
of Daniel

In this volume, Paul Tanner argues that the book of Daniel is the Old Testament blueprint of the Bible's overarching eschatological narrative. He examines key aspects such as the revelation of Israel's future in relation to gentile kingdoms, God's exaltation of Daniel as a channel through whom he reveals his will, and many more. Tanner provides exegetical insight to help readers better understand not only how God worked in Israel's history through Daniel, but how he sovereignly directs all of world history—for all time.

“Discerning, judicious, balanced, and . . . eminently useful to scholar as well as pastor.”

—John H. Walton on Esther

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