Let us learn from those being revived

In Faith in the Wilderness, editors Hannah Nation and Simon Liu collect insights of the Chinese church for the West. These sermonic letters from Chinese Christians pull back the curtain on the pastoral heart and the hope behind the house churches’ remarkable faithfulness, awakening readers to the reality of the gospel—the ground of our hope—in the midst of darkness. Readers will be convicted, encouraged, and edified by the testimony of these Chinese Christians.

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“These sermons challenge our complacency and self-pity with Christ-centered gospel faith, hope, and joy.”

Christopher J. H. Wright

global ambassador, Langham Partnership

“Let us learn from the witness of our Chinese brothers and sisters so that we can stand fast all the better as we face trials wherever we live.”

Timothy Keller

from the foreword

“...a timely resource for Christians in the freer world.”

K. A. Ellis

director, The Edmiston Center for the Study of the Bible and Ethnicity

“Feed yourself on the riches here; you will be thankful that you did.”

Paul David Tripp

pastor; speaker; author, Suffering: Gospel Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

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Listen to these sermonic letters from the Chinese house church movement as these faithful Christians contribute theologically to the global church.

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About the Editors

Hannah Nation is managing director for the Center for House Church Theology and content director for China Partnership. She is co-editor of Grace to the City: Studies in the Gospel from China.
Simon Liu is a pastor and mentor to pastors in China. Over the past decade, he has been involved in over 140 church plants across China.
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The Center for House Church Theology (CHCT) desires to foster and further the international publishing of pastors, church leaders, and teachers committed to the historic gospel of grace in China’s urban house churches.

In promoting the theological leadership of China’s urban house churches, we believe dialogue between Christians in China and those from other cultural contexts will lead to mutual edification and sanctification.