The Snapshots series, edited by renowned scholar Michael Bird, engages significant issues in contemporary biblical scholarship, making them accessible to busy students of the word and applicable in the life of the church.

Honoring the Son

Honoring the Son

Jesus in Earliest Christian Devotional Practice

by Larry W. Hurtado

Before the New Testament or the creeds of the church were written—the devotional practices of the earliest Christians show that they worshipped Jesus alongside the Father. Larry W. Hurtado has been one of the leading scholars on early Christology for decades. In Honoring the Son, Hurtado helps readers understand Christology by examining not just what early Christians believed or wrote about Jesus, but what their devotional practices tell us about the place of Jesus in early Christian worship.

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“I can’t wait to get Honoring the Son into the hands of my students because it puts in front of them all of his best thinking.”

Scot McKnight, Julius R. Mantey Professor of New Testament, Northern Seminary

“This book is a godsend to the thinking believer and the inquiring searcher alike—and is greatly to be welcomed and applauded.”

The Revd Canon Prof Richard Burridge FKC, The Dean of King's College London and Professor of Biblical Interpretation

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