Ecclesiastes & Song of Songs: Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (EEC)

Lexham Press, 2013
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The biblical book that deals most extensively with romantic and sexual wisdom is the Song of Songs. In this commentary, A. Boyd Luter argues that the Song contains an inverted parallel structure that divides it into seven sections, taking a young couple from their initial longings and expressions of affection for each other, to their wedding day, and on to the various struggles that threaten to derail their love. For each section, Luter comments on the text and background of the Song and provides helpful suggestions for how it might be preached and applied today.

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Evangelical Exegetical Commentary series

The Evangelical Exegetical Commentary series incorporates the latest in critical biblical scholarship, yet each volume is written from a distinctly evangelical perspective. The authors explore the context and meaning of the biblical books while showing the value and truth of the texts in ancient times and today. These commentaries present historical and literary insights for understanding the text within the Bible’s larger story and applying it to everyday life.

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Praise for Song of Songs

Luter’s tone is mature and reasonable throughout. . . . His commentary is detailed and frequently studded with references to the literature and to modern writers. . . . The book is full of helpful tables and charts. . . . Do I recommend the commentary? Yes. Will I use it if I ever teach the book? Absolutely, it will be a first point of reference.

—Dan Phillips, pastor, Copperfield Bible Church, TX

Product Details

  • Title: Ecclesiastes & Song of Songs: Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (EEC)
  • Authors: Bob McCabe and A. Boyd Luter
  • Editors: H. Wayne House, William D. Barrick
  • Series: Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (EEC)
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Estimated Publication Date for Ecclesiastes: November 1, 2018
  • Publication Date for Song of Songs: 2013

About the Authors

Bob McCabe is Professor of Old Testament at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. Prior to teaching at DBTS, he taught for four years at Tennessee Temple University. He has contributed articles to the Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal, Southern Baptist Journal of Theology, The Sentinel, and Frontline.

A. Boyd Luter is Adjunct Online Professor of New Testament at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. He has authored several books, including Looking Back, Moving On, God behind the Seen: Expositions of the Book of Ruth and Esther, and Inspired Preaching: A Survey of Preaching in the New Testament. Luter has written numerous articles and book reviews for various publications, including Bibliotheca Sacra, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, Faith and Mission, Journal of Pastoral Practice, and Criswell Theological Review.