Philippians: Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (2 vols.) (EEC)

Lexham Press, 2017

The print edition of Philippians: Evangelical Exegetical Commentary is split into two volumes: Philippians 1:1–2:18 and Philippians 2:19–4:23.


Philippians is considered one of Paul’s most encouraging letters. Mark J. Keown shows how Paul appeals to Christ’s exemplary acts of humility and sacrifice to encourage believers to live worthy of the gospel in every aspect of life. He draws attention to the pastoral heart of the imprisoned Paul, who warns the Philippians against false teachers while calling them to demonstrate their imitation of Christ through a commitment to mission and “radical generosity.”

Through rigorous examination of the original Greek text and engagement with the latest scholarship, Keown delivers an in-depth commentary on Philippians that captures the message of Paul’s encouraging letter for believers today.

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Evangelical Exegetical Commentary series

The Evangelical Exegetical Commentary series incorporates the latest in critical biblical scholarship, yet each volume is written from a distinctly evangelical perspective. The authors explore the context and meaning of the biblical books while showing the value and truth of the texts in ancient times and today. These commentaries present historical and literary insights for understanding the text within the Bible’s larger story and applying it to everyday life.

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Praise for Philippians: Evangelical Exegetical Commentary

With a full introduction and a careful, detailed exegesis, Mark Keown takes us through a profitable journey through one of Paul’s little jewels of a letter. This commentary will answer questions you have about the meaning of the book and encourage the development of a servant’s heart who also knows the joy of the Lord. For those who teach and preach Philippians this volume will be a necessary and worthy companion.

—Darrell L. Bock, senior research professor of New Testament studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

Mark Keown has written an elegant and eminently readable commentary on Paul’s epistle to the Philippians. It is rich with detail, discussion, and sensible comments. It is a volume that will no doubt prove to be useful to students and preachers alike.

—Michael F. Bird, Lecturer in Theology, Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia.

Keown’s Philippians offers a 1000-page, thoroughly integrated commentary that is at once pastoral, grammatically informed, aware of current research, and theologically reflective. Pastors seeking to preach Paul’s most joy-filled book will find great joy in using this substantive tool!

—George H. Guthrie, Benjamin W. Perry Professor of Bible, Union University

Product Details

  • Title: Philippians: Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (EEC)
  • Author: Mark J. Keown
  • Editors: H. Wayne House, W. Hall Harris, and Andrew W. Pitts
  • Series: Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (EEC)
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • Volumes: 2

About Mark J. Keown

Mark J. Keown (ThD, Laidlaw College) is a Senior Lecturer in New Testament at Laidlaw College in Auckland, NZ and is the author of Congregational Evangelism in Philippians as well as numerous essays and journal articles. He is also an ordained minister and served at Greenlane Presbyterian Church from 1997–2003.


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