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The Apostolic Fathers in English


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A Fresh Translation

A fresh, modern translation of key works of the apostolic fathers.

The “Apostolic Fathers” wrote what has become some of the most important literature in the early church—letters and epistolary documents, homilies and theological tracts, documents on church order, and apocalyptic literature. In fact, some texts came close to inclusion in the New Testament canon. The near-canonical status of the writings of the Apostolic Fathers in the early church makes their importance for modern study undisputed. These translations by Rick Brannan are perfect for use by students, scholars, and everyday Christians interested in these treasures of the early church.

Lexham Classics

Lexham Classics is a series of beautifully typeset new editions of classic works. Each book has been carefully transcribed from the original texts, ensuring an accurate representation of the writing as the author intended it to be. Learn more about Lexham Classics.

Product Details

  • Title: The Apostolic Fathers in English
  • Author: Rick Brannan
  • Series: Lexham Classics
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2012, 2017
  • Format: Paperback, Logos Digital
  • Trim Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781683590644

About Rick Brannan

Rick Brannan is Information Architect for Logos Bible Software. In his role at Logos, he is responsible for linguistic databases of the Greek New Testament, the Septuagint, and other Greek writings of the Hellenistic era. He is also Product Manager for the Lexham English Bible and the Greek New Testament: SBL Edition. Rick has edited multiple works including The New International Version English-Greek Reverse Interlinear of the New Testament, The Lexham English Bible English-Greek Reverse Interlinear of the New Testament, and An English-Greek Reverse Interlinear of the Apostolic Fathers. He also translated the Greek portions of the writings of the Apostolic Fathers for The Apostolic Fathers Greek-English Interlinear. He resides in Bellingham with his wife, Amy, and their daughter, Ella.


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  1. "Miko" - Michael Mikolajczyk
    Fangreatastic resource for research and study of getting to know the early Church Theologians that had the privilege of knowing and learning from those who walked with, talked with, journeyed with, argued with, laughed with, joked with the King, and Lord we hope expectantly to return for us and to cease the last vestiges of Satan the Serpent-king's hate-fueled Empire of Sin. We are of a generation of blessed fortune to be able to learn from these same men and women. And we need to learn from them.... desperately and heartbreakingly so. We are living in a time period of a Church, especially the American Church, where traditions replace the teachings taught by our Lord and by those Jesus personally chose to unpack His purpose and doctrines in written words. We need... I definitely know I need to learn from them so I can know what He wants me to know to fulfill my part in the Great Commission.

  2. Kyle W Bagwell
    It seems to have no page numbers in digital format. Is this supposed to be the case?

  3. Timothy Tan Keng Wah
    Can I view this in Logos?


Print list price: $19.99
Save $2.00 (10%)