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Reformed Covenant Theology: A Systematic Introduction

ISBN: 9781683597339
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Covenant shapes our life with God

In Reformed Covenant Theology: A Systematic Introduction, Harrison Perkins shows how Christ and his work are the heart of that covenant relationship. Since God lives in covenant with his redeemed people, covenant theology provides a framework for Christians to grow in their life with God, to read the Bible, and to love the church.

Praise for Reformed Covenant Theology

Perkins is an expert in his field and very much a pastor. … You will not be disappointed.

—From the foreword by Ligon Duncan

We’re witnessing a renaissance of covenant theology, which is to say, classic Reformed theology. Taking into account key debates, Perkins weaves biblical, historical, and systematic theology into a rich tapestry. And, as a pastor, he displays its relevance for our lives. With this book we have the best contemporary account of the Bible’s own unifying structure.

—Michael Horton, Westminster Seminary California, Escondido, CA

“At last! A systematic entryway into covenant theology. I have been waiting for a book like this one, a book that does not merely regurgitate the storyline of Scripture but summons systematic theology to make covenantal connections across the canon.

—Matthew Barrett, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, MO

Readers expecting just another book on covenant theology may be surprised as they read this work, but they will not be disappointed. Harrison Perkins has approached the topic of covenant theology in a unique way here and provided a theological feast in the process. One does not have to agree with all of his conclusions to recognize what a gift this book is to the church.

—Keith A. Mathison, Reformation Bible College, Sanford, FL

This book is at once a thorough historical and biblical discussion of covenant theology with all its nooks and crannies, and one that is easy to understand. Perkins writes with a deep familiarity with what he discusses, enabling him both to explain difficult concepts for modern readers and to highlight areas of disagreement even among the Reformed. A model of pastoral scholarship written in service to the church.

—Brandon D. Crowe, Westminster Theological Seminary, Glenside, PA

  • Meeting God in the Covenants
  • Part 1: The Covenant of Works
    • The Covenant with Adam and Its Law
    • The Covenant’s Legal Character and Reward
    • Applying the Covenant of Works
  • Part 2: The Covenant of Redemption
    • The Trinity and Their Covenant
    • The Father, Son, and Spirit in the Fulfillment of Salvation
    • The Last Adam and His People
  • Part 3: The Substance of the Covenant of Grace
    • The Unity of the Covenant of Grace in Christ
    • The Unity of the Covenant of Grace in the Benefits of Christ
    • The Time of Tension
  • Part 4: The Administration of the Covenant of Grace
    • God’s Multifaceted Plan of Salvation
    • From Adam to Moses
    • The Mosaic Covenant
    • From Moses to Christ
  • Part 5: Living in God’s Covenant of Grace
    • The Covenant Community
    • The Shape of Covenantal Life with God
    • Theses on Covenant Theology
  • Title: Reformed Covenant Theology: A Systematic Introduction
  • Author: Harrison Perkins
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2024
  • Pages: 520
  • Format: Logos Digital, Hardcover
  • Trim Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781683597339

Harrison Perkins is pastor of Oakland Hills Community Church (OPC), online faculty in church history at Westminster Theological Seminary, and visiting lecturer in systematic theology at Edinburgh Theological Seminary.


5 ratings

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  1. Aaron Lee

    Aaron Lee


    What fundamental truths about God’s nature and our relationship with him are illuminated through the lens of Scripture? In Reformed Covenant Theology, Harrison Perkins helps us know God through his covenants. Covenantal Presence This book helped me understand the covenants in a new way. I was most moved to consider the Covenant of Works as a covenant of love. To obey God is a way to express our love for him. And through the Covenant of Works, God makes his blessings known to man through features of everyday life. True spirituality is to walk and fellowship with God and his people, in regular affairs. We were made to commune with God in a relationship. What makes this book and the arguments within particularly reformed is revealed when Perkins describes the Father, Son, and Spirit’s love for the elect. The Covenant of Redemption relates God’s infinite inner triune love to the immense love God had for his people. He is personally involved in our lives, and grants us the Spirit’s ongoing presence. Covenantal Community I was most interested to learn how the Covenant of Grace impacts reformed preaching. As the redeemer of God’s elect, Christ should be preached from every portion of Scripture. The Covenant of Grace defines the blessings we receive in Christ, guaranteeing our everlasting life in relationship with God. The already-not-yet nature of the covenant of grace calls us to patience, endurance, and hope. The end of the book examines the unfolding covenants, and details what it means to live in a covenantal community with the church and with God. It is the family where we belong to each other, but ultimately to God. Through the covenants, I have come to deeply see and appreciate the rich rewards of fellowship with God and his people. I received a media copy of Reformed Covenant Theology and this is my honest review.
  2. Scott McDermand
    Dr. Perkins’ systematic approach to covenant theology is a clear, organized, and valuable contribution to the field Reformed covenant theology. Using concise exegesis, as well as a plethora of ancient, medieval, and Reformed theologians and confessions, the author concisely demonstrates the unfolding plan of redemptive history through covenants. Whereas this volume is a must-read for scholars in the fields of systematic, biblical, and covenant theologies, it also belongs on the shelf of every pastor who takes the Holy Scriptures seriously and seeks to faithfully proclaim the covenantal promise of God to his people. Each chapter has a clearly stated thesis as well as a helpful conclusion with application for the Christian life. Thus, in addition to scholars and pastors, the book is ideal for book studies within the church and is a must read for the thoughtful Christian layman. Particularly beneficial and refreshing are parts two and five on the “Covenant of Redemption” and “Living in God’s Covenant of Grace.” Scholars, pastors, and laypeople alike are indebted to Dr. Perkins and his work. I did not receive this book for free.
  3. Faithlife User
    Covenant theology serves as a bridge between systematic and biblical theology. Understandably until now, the vast corpus of work in this area focused on the beautiful progression of God’s administration of His covenant with man through redemptive history. This has been to the expense of viewing the covenants through a systematic lens. Dr. Perkin’s book masterfully fills this void helping us to formulate proper categories by drawing clear distinctions without being antagonist. Far from a cold, intellectual exercise, he guides his reader from the orthodoxy of covenant theology to the resulting doxology in a covenantal context to the orthopraxy of the grateful recipient with particular focus toward pastoral concerns concluding each chapter. While certainly a robust academic endeavor, the inclined layperson should not shy away. Dr. Perkin’s clear style of communication makes this treasure trove accessible. A beautifully bound book that is a joy and, dare I say, fun - to read.
  4. Jesse Williams
    Greatly enjoyed this beautiful book from Lexham Press. It is thorough yet accessible, academic and, best of all, pastoral. Systematic theology done with a pastoral heart is my favorite. I'm not a card carrying reformed or covenant theologian but I was enriched learning from my (covenant) brother in Jesus (forgive the silly christian joke). Basically, this book attempts to communicate how humans communion with God is facilitated through covenants. As I mentioned I'm not a covenant theologian in the technical sense but the clear emphasis on communion with God is in the center of my heart. This is not a dry book, it is personal in tone and intent. If you want to explore covenant theology, this is a wonderful book for the task. (Also, its gorgeous, feels great, top notch production) I received this book for free but was not required to provide a positive review.
  5. Wes Wade

    Wes Wade



Print list price: $49.99
Save $5.00 (10%)