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The Biblical Trinity: Encountering the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Scripture

ISBN: 9781683596974
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The Trinity is God as revealed in the Bible

The Bible doesn’t give us a systematic statement of the doctrine of the Trinity. But that doesn’t mean the Trinity is not biblical.

In The Biblical Trinity: Encountering the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Scripture, Brandon D. Smith proclaims the Trinity from the Bible. The doctrine arises not from a handful of prooftexts but from the fullness of what the Bible says about God. Through short reflections on fifteen key New Testament passages in conversation with the Old Testament, Smith shows how God’s word reveals the Trinity. The book concludes with three rules for how to encounter the truth and beauty of our Triune God in all of Scripture.

Praise for The Biblical Trinity

If Jesus Christ is the treasure hidden in the field of the Scriptures, then The Biblical Trinity is a treasure map produced by the hand of a master cartographer. Brandon Smith’s book shows readers how to find Jesus Christ in the Scriptures and, in finding him, how to treasure him as the Father’s Spirit-anointed Son, our Maker, Redeemer, and Reward. I am delighted to see The Biblical Trinity in print and fully expect that it will make many readers rich.

—Scott R. Swain, president, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL

In this book, Brandon Smith provides a reliable and accessible pathway into the meaning and spiritual implications of trinitarian theology. He skillfully combines scriptural exegesis and broader theological reflection to show Bible readers where to go and what to watch out for when contemplating God as Father, Son, and Spirit. This is a welcome resource for everyone seeking to grow in the love and knowledge of our triune God.

—Steven J. Duby, associate professor of Theology, Phoenix Seminary

By working through a series of key biblical passages through a Trinitarian lens, Brandon Smith helps us understand how the Trinity is ultimately not an obstacle, but an aid, in understanding Scripture. More than that, he offers a model of doing theology in a way that is doctrinally careful, historically informed, and devotionally edifying. I highly recommend this helpful, accessible book, which will help Christians discern in fresh ways the outline of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in the pages of the Bible.

—Gavin Ortlund, senior pastor, First Baptist Church, Ojai, CA

“A refreshingly simple and yet profound book, Brandon Smith has invited readers who trust Scripture to trust the deep logic of its divine triune author. The Biblical Trinity is grounded in careful readings of biblical passages and then flowers in the major doctrines of the orthodox church. Anyone who desires to attend to the identity of God as revealed in Scripture will benefit from this book.

—Amy Peeler, associate professor of New Testament, Wheaton College

  • The Biblical Trinity
  • Forgiveness of Sins
  • Triune Commission
  • The Word Made Flesh
  • The Father and Son Give Life
  • I AM
  • The Comforter
  • Resurrection and Adoption
  • The Mind of God
  • A New Shema
  • The Ministry of the Spirit
  • Triune Salvation
  • Equality with God
  • The Firstborn Image
  • The Exact Imprint of His Nature
  • Triune Worship
  • Three Rules for Reading Trinitarianly
  • Title: The Biblical Trinity: Encountering the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Scripture
  • Author: Brandon D. Smith
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2023
  • Pages: 128
  • Format: Logos Digital, Hardcover
  • Trim Size: 5x7.325
  • ISBN: 9781683596974

Brandon D. Smith is assistant professor of theology and New Testament at Cedarville University. He is also a co-founder of the Center for Baptist Renewal and host of the Church Grammar podcast. He is the author of The Trinity in the Book of Revelation: Seeing Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in John’s Apocalypse.


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  1. Daniel Aguilera
  2. Daniel Gibbs

    Daniel Gibbs


    As per the description "Brandon D. Smith proclaims the Trinity from the Bible" I expected this book to exegete the doctrine of the Trinity from the Bible. Instead, the book starts with the assumption of the Trinity and then goes to show how we can see it in the Bible (and in some cases, read it into the Bible!)


Print list price: $22.99
Save $3.00 (13%)