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The King of Easter: Jesus Searches for All God’s Children (A FatCat Book)

, 2022
ISBN: 9781683596868


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Jesus Searches for All God’s Children

2023 American Book Fest "Best Book" Award Winner - Children’s Religious

2023 Northern Lights Book Award Winner - Religious/Spiritual

2023 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards Silver Medal Winner - Religion/Spirituality

2024 Illumination Book Awards Silver Medal Winner

“The King of Easter! Whom will he find and save?”

Following Jesus’s journey from his birth to the cross, his resurrection, and beyond, and featuring a family prayer, The King of Easter reminds us of the meaning of Easter and Jesus’s power to save.

Join FatCat and follow Jesus as he seeks and saves the lost. Whether friends or enemies—if they are lost, Jesus came to seek and save them. At every step, he brings his new friends to join the search.

As Jesus journeys to the cross, he finds and saves people—from his mother, Mary, at his birth, to the thief on the cross beside him. But the Easter story doesn’t end at the cross, for Jesus is risen! From Mary Magdalene, who searched for him at the empty tomb, to Saul, who killed Jesus’s friends, Jesus continues to save.

What about you? Has Jesus saved you? The King of Easter still seeks and saves the lost, and he is seeking you today. Happy Easter to all God’s children!

Sample Artwork from The King of Easter

FatCat King of Easter Artwork

What Is “FatCat?”

How can anyone, no matter how young or old, grasp the message of the Bible? The church’s answer has always been the catechism: The Apostles' Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments.

The catechism teaches us what the Bible teaches us: our faith. The catechism is “fat,” bursting at the seams with meaning and challenge. FatCat is our way of making the catechism approachable, bringing theology to readers of all ages.

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Praise for the FatCat Books

The FatCat series gives children a vision of the Bible’s ethic (in the Ten Commandments), its confession (as summarized in the Apostles’ Creed), and its devotional life (given to us in the Lord’s Prayer). This ancient-but-new set of lenses, what the church has called the ‘rule of faith,’ will equip your kids for a lifelong Christian journey.

—Jared Kennedy, editor at The Gospel Coalition; author of books for children and families, including Faith-Builder Catechism and The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible

  • Title: The King of Easter: Jesus Searches for All God’s Children
  • Author: Todd R. Hains
  • Illustrator: Natasha Kennedy
  • Series: FatCat
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2023
  • Page Count: 56
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Trim Size: 9x10
  • ISBN: 9781683596868

About Natasha Kennedy

Natasha Kennedy is a freelance illustrator and homeschooling mom from Seattle, Washington. She and her husband, Lindsay, have four children and a grey kitty named Tiny.

About Todd R. Hains

Todd R. Hains is an editor at Lexham Press. He and his wife, Veronica, have two children and two grey cats—Crumpet and Utini.


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  1. Aaron Lee

    Aaron Lee


    The King of Easter is a wonderful entry in the FatCat series from Lexham Press. With art by Natasha Kennedy and text by Todd R. Hains, your children will have fun as they find out that Jesus searches for all God’s children. Jesus Seeks and Saves the Lost This book traces journey to the cross and back again, showing how Jesus seeks and saves the lost. We begin with his mother, Mary, and end with a personal invitation to come to Christ. Along the way, Jesus find and saves Thomas, Bartimaeus, Lazarus, and many more. I was most excited to tell my children of the many stories from these people in the Bible. Zaccheus climbing a tree to see Jesus and Saul meeting Jesus were highlights. Jesus Looks for and Loves All of God’s Children Of course, nothing was more important than discussing Christ’s death and resurrection. This book illustrates it beautifully. I also enjoyed sharing the story of when Christ told his disciples to let the little children to come to him. This book is an excellent way to celebrate Easter, and one that can be revisited as we remember the Good News. Jesus looks for and loves all of God’s children. I received a media copy of The King of Easter and this is my honest review.
  2. Donald Johnson


Print list price: $17.99
Save $5.00 (27%)