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Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus: How the Torah Fulfills Its Goal in Yeshua

ISBN: 9781683593539
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This book addresses the questions about the believer's relationship to the Torah (the five Books of Moses, or the Pentateuch) and its commandments (the Law):

  • Since Jesus kept the Law, are believers (Jewish and Gentile) also obliged to keep the Law, or at least some portions of it (Sabbath, the food laws, etc.)?
  • What about the Oral Law (rabbinic traditions)?
  • How does the Torah point to the Messiah?
  • How do we apply the Law of Moses today?

Though this book is based on more than a decade of academic research, it is written with the non-academic reader in mind and provides easy-to-understand answers to the questions related to the Torah and does so in a manner thoroughly rooted in a careful reading of the biblical text.

Praise for Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus

At a time when there is much confusion about the believer’s relationship to the law of Moses, Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus brings clarity, and it does so with light, not heat. What a helpful book for all followers of Yeshua, but particularly for Messianic Jews. Authors Postell, Bar, and Soref maintain a high and respectful perspective of Torah while demonstrating its continued role of pointing to the One of whom Moses wrote. If you want to understand the significance of the Torah and its relationship to those who are followers of Messiah, read this outstanding book. And while reading, keep your Bible at hand, take notes, become enlightened and be transformed.

—Michael Rydelnik, Professor of Jewish Studies and Bible, Moody Bible Institute

Most Christians believe the apostle Paul’s assertion to Timothy that ‘all Scripture is inspired by God and profitable’ for disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. But how many Christians truly study the Old Testament in their own devotions, or feel that they really understand the differences in—and the relationship between—the Old and New Testaments? Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus is a tremendous resource for anyone interested in understanding the ‘whole counsel’ of Scripture, the fundamental purpose of the Mosaic law, the power of the Messianic prophecies, and how to engage in effective and fruitful Jewish evangelism and discipleship. I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it to pastors and lay people alike!

—Joel C. Rosenberg, New York Times best-selling author, Bible teacher and founder of The Joshua Fund

The discussion of the law and believers in Messiah has been a topic of discussion ever since Jesus showed up and many Jews and Gentiles proclaimed him as the fulfillment of promise. This is a brilliant little book showing Torah was not just about law but also about the prospect of promise and the need for that Messiah. What Torah promised pointed ultimately of the need for God working from within. That message rings loud and clear in this book with an explanation to match.

—Darrell L. Bock, Executive Director for Cultural Engagement, Howard G. Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership and Cultural Engagement; Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

As a professor and student of the Bible, I found fresh insights in this book that clarified the trajectory of the whole of Scripture. Highly recommended!

—George H. Guthrie, Professor of New Testament, Regent College, Vancouver, BC

Top Highlights

“The ultimate purpose of the book of Jeremiah is not to get Israel to keep the Law so they will not be exiled. The ultimate purpose is to tell us how God will graciously save Israel in spite of their disobedience, through the Messiah and the new covenant (Jer. 30–33).” (Page 29)

“Scripture gives us several functions of the Law: tutor, shadow, theology, love, wisdom, and prosecuting attorney.” (Page 84)

“Faith is what God expects from Israel as the proper response to their Sinai experience.” (Page 33)

“The fact that Moses so clearly prophesies Israel’s disobedience and exile at the end of the Torah strongly suggests that Adam’s story is written with Israel’s future disobedience in mind.” (Page 28)

“First, Israel’s experience with God at Mount Sinai does not achieve its stated purpose, namely, a response of faith. Second, Israel’s transgression, after the Law is given, results in death.” (Page 30)

  • Introduction
  • The Torah Anticipates Lawbreaking
  • Failure of Faith Leads to Death
  • The Torah’s Remedy: The Messiah
  • The Creation Mandate
  • The Adam-Israel Connection
  • Poem One: God’s Response to the Fall
  • Poem Two: Jacob Blesses His Sons
  • Poem Three: Balaam’s Oracles
  • Functions of the Law
  • God’s Compromised Ideals
  • Moses’ Law Today?
  • Messianic Jewish Identity
  • Conclusion and Final Challenge

Product Details

  • Title: Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus: How the Torah Fulfills Its Goal in Yeshua
  • Author: Seth Postell, Eitan Bar, and Erez Soref
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2018, 2019
  • Pages: 128
  • Format: Logos Digital, Paperback
  • Trim Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781683593539

Seth Postell (PhD in Hebrew Bible) is the Academic Dean at Israel College of the Bible.

Eitan Bar (DMin) is ONE FOR ISRAEL’s Director of Media and Evangelism.

Erez Soref (PsyD in Clinical Psychology) is the President of ONE FOR ISRAEL and Israel College of the Bible.


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  1. Richard Aaron Thomas
  2. Trent Haymore

    Trent Haymore


    This book is a great, quick introduction to some of some of the best scholarship on the Pentateuch. This is a book I'll be recommending to anyone getting into Pentateuch studies. It's a good starting point to be sure!
  3. Jon Feasel

    Jon Feasel


    Loved this book and learned so much from it. Thank for teaching me to look at Jesus from the eyes of his chosen people and how through the law we all Jews and Gentiles can find Jesus. As a Gentile I understand my fellow Brother and Sister in the Faith who are Jews more and appreciate there struggles more. God Bless and you are in my prayers.
  4. Bruce Alexander Smith
  5. Todd Eiken

    Todd Eiken


  6. Madonna Clark

    Madonna Clark


  7. Ernesto Rodriguez
  8. Petrus Eurell

    Petrus Eurell


    I love this book! I have read it twice. Really eye-opening.
  9. Rafa



    Excelent book!
  10. Steve Johnson

    Steve Johnson


    Although it is a short book, it contains the best explanation of the purpose of the Torah and our relationship to it that I've come across!
This product is not currently available to purchase.