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The Language of Salvation: Discovering the Riches of What It Means to Be Saved

ISBN: 9781683591689
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What does it mean to be saved? The Language of Salvation is a study of 13 different terms used in the Bible, all of which combine to convey the richness of a single concept: salvation. The realities at the heart of the Christian message are the subject of many biblical metaphors and analogies worthy of study and meditation. Beyond explaining what each meant to the biblical authors and means to us today, Victor Kuligin points out how each of these facets of biblical salvation can be used when sharing the gospel.

Praise for The Language of Salvation

Kuligin’s book on salvation is a thoroughly biblical, balanced, and very practical study of the subject. I warmly recommend it as an introduction for those who are new to the faith and a powerful reminder for those who have been Christians for some time.

—Douglas Moo, Wessner Chair of Biblical Studies, Wheaton College (IL); Chair, Committee on Bible Translation

Like a new homeowner who is unaware that a priceless diamond lies hidden under the floorboards, most believers have little awareness of the magnitude or the consequence of all that they have inherited in Christ. In these pages Kuligin deftly unwraps that treasure, revealing facet by brilliant facet the richness of the biblical concept of salvation. Prepare to be inspired and strengthened as this book leads you on a life-changing spiritual journey!

—Steve Richardson, President, Pioneers (USA)

This is one of those books every student of the Bible wishes they had read at the beginning of their walk with the Master. Thirteen massive theological truths skillfully unpacked in a language every reader can understand and enjoy. The priceless diamond of God’s salvation is made to shine in splendor as the full light of truth sparkles in every facet. Kuligin is one of my favorite expositors and it is an honor for me to endorse a book I only wish had been around when I started proclaiming the message of God's great salvation fifty years ago.

—John Broom, Pastor, United Evangelical Fellowship, Fish Hoek, South Africa

Top Highlights

“Some scholars view salvation as a chain of events (e.g., adoption follows justification), what is called the ‘order of salvation.’ But instead of viewing salvation as a chain of links, perhaps it is more appropriate to view it as a diamond with many facets, each portraying the beauty of the jewel in its own right. Adoption is salvation, not simply something that comes after justification. Redemption is a proper elucidation of biblical salvation, not an inferior explanation that should be shunned in preference to forgiveness of sins. What does it mean to be saved?” (Page 22)

“Even a natural-born son in Roman times had to be adopted by his father in order to become heir of his possessions. In fact, there was no higher honor for a son, and no greater disgrace than when another male was adopted into the family who took the position from the natural-born son.” (Pages 59–60)

“Vocabulary, when it is unrecognizable, becomes an obstacle to informed interaction and learning” (Page 19)

“ placed regeneration first because that is fundamental to understanding everything else.” (Page 22)

“What happens is that an unnatural gap is created between those who study theology for a living, and ‘average, everyday believers.’” (Page 19)


  • Foreword by Robert W. Yarbrough
  • The Language of Biology: Regeneration (From Death to Life)
  • The Language of the Courtroom: Justification (From Guilt to Acquittal)
  • The Language of the Family: Adoption (From Rejection to Acceptance)
  • The Language of the Marketplace: Redemption (From Bondage to Liberation)
  • The Language of Politics: Citizenship (From Satan’s Kingdom to God’s Kingdom)
  • The Language of the Temple: Atonement (From Retribution to Propitiation)
  • The Language of Diplomacy: Reconciliation (From Enmity to Friendship)
  • The Language of Astronomy: Illumination (From Darkness to Light)
  • The Language of Industry: Sanctification (From Impurity to Purity)
  • The Language of Agriculture: Fruitfulness (From Barrenness to Productivity)
  • The Language of Science: Transformation (From Deformity to Glorification)
  • The Language of Community: Participation (From Separation to Union)
  • The Language of the Military: Salvation (From Defeat to Victory)
  • The Non-Negotiables of Biblical Salvation

Product Details

  • Title: The Language of Salvation: Discovering the Riches of What It Means to Be Saved
  • Author: Victor Kuligin
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2015
  • Pages: 256
  • Format: Logos Digital, Paperback
  • Trim Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781683591689

About Victor Kuligin

Victor Kuligin (D.Th., University of Stellenbosch, South Africa) is the author of Ten Things I Wish Jesus Never Said and The Language of Salvation. Since 2010, he has been academic dean and lecturer at the Bible Institute of South Africa. Prior to this, he performed the same duties at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary.


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    This product is not currently available to purchase.