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Walking with C. S. Lewis: A Spiritual Journey through His Life and Writings (A Companion Guide)

ISBN: 9781577997696
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Walking with C. S. Lewis

In this 10-segment video series filmed on-location in beautiful Oxford, England, individuals and small groups alike will walk through the life, writings, and impact of beloved author C. S. Lewis. This series, bundled with a companion guide and leader’s guide, is ideal for gaining insight into Lewis's works and paints an engaging portrait of the man whose ideas have shaped the thought and faith of millions of readers. You’ll visit historic sites from Lewis's life, study sixteen of his most beloved books, and hear the story of how Lewis's writings have impacted Tony Ash’s own life and faith.

For the past forty years, Ash has been teaching about Lewis in the classroom and the church. He has been deeply changed by Lewis's writings, and his goal is to help others deepen their spiritual walk in the same way. Though he’s read many of Lewis's books more than thirty times each, Ash says, “I always find something new and refreshing.” With Ash as your expert guide, walk with C. S. Lewis—and see him and his writing in a new and transformative way for yourself.

Ryan J. Pemberton’s companion guide to Ash’s video series brings added depth to the video content, summarizing each of the works discussed as well as filling in relevant biographical details from Lewis's life. Reflection questions and guidance for small group leaders follow the video segments, making Walking with C. S. Lewis a perfect curriculum for small group or personal study.


Praise for Walking with C. S. Lewis

A companionable and spiritually encouraging guide to C. S. Lewis’s writings. Helpful, useful, gentle, informative.

—Michael Ward, author of Planet Narnia: The Seven Heavens in the Imagination of C. S. Lewis

This is a fantastic resource, full of insights and wide-ranging applications of the life and legacy of the beloved C. S. Lewis. Whether in the classroom, a church, or a small group study, Walking With C. S. Lewis will help readers go deeper not only in their knowledge and appreciation of Lewis, but in their own spiritual journey. Far more than just a teaching curriculum, this is resource for cultivating virtue and inspiring curiosity, beckoning us (as Lewis might say) to “Come further up, come further in!”

—Brett McCracken, journalist and author of Uncomfortable: The Awkward and Essential Challenge of Christian Community and Hipster Christianity: When Church and Cool Collide

Walking with C. S. Lewis combines important summary discussions of the books covered in the series with probing, exploratory questions. Who was C. S. Lewis? What were his important books? Why are his books still popular more than 50 years after his death? What does Lewis have to say to us today? These and many other questions are considered in Walking with C. S. Lewis. Book clubs, church groups, and Sunday school classes will find a wealth of material in these two helpful resources.

—Don W. King, professor of English, Montreat College; author of C. S. Lewis, Poet and The Collected Poems of C. S. Lewis: A Critical Edition


  • Mere Christianity
    • From Atheist to World-Famous Christian Apologist
    • First Meeting C. S. Lewis’s Work
    • World War II and the BBC Radio Broadcast Talks
    • Reading Mere Christianity
  • The Screwtape Letters
    • Imaginative Depictions of Judgment
    • Reading The Screwtape Letters
    • Concluding The Screwtape Letters
  • The Problem of Pain
    • Lewis’s First Apologetic Writing
    • An Outline of The Problem of Pain
    • Divine GoodnessL God’s Love ≠ Mere Kindness
  • C. S. Lewis’s Life
    • Lewis’s Early Days
    • Phantastes, World War I, and Lewis’s Conversion
    • World-Famous Christian Apologist
    • Narnia, Cambridge, and Joy
  • The Great Divorce
    • Introduction and Heaven as Total Reality
    • Heaven’s Tourists
    • Lewis Meets His Mentor
    • Several Additional Characters
    • A Holiday to Heaven Comes to an End
  • Narnia, Part I
    • Background to the Chronicles of Narnia
    • The Magician’s Nephew
    • The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
    • The Last Battle
  • Narnia, Part II
    • The Horse and His Boy
    • Prince Caspian
    • The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
    • The Silver Chair
  • The Space Trilogy
    • Introducing the Space Trilogy
    • A Closer Look at Perelandra
  • A Grief Observed and “The Weight of Glory”
    • A Grief Observed
    • “The Weight of Glory”
  • Why I Like C. S. Lewis
    • Why I Like C. S. Lewis
    • Toward Vigorous Reasoning, Away from Sentimentality
    • Committed to Unity

Product Details

  • Title: Walking with C. S. Lewis: Companion Guide
  • Authors: Ryan J. Pemberton
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2018
  • Pages: 272
  • Format: Logos Digital, Paperback
  • Trim Size: 5.25x7.5
  • ISBN: 9781577997696

About C. S. Lewis

Clive Staples Lewis (1898 – 1963) was one of the intellectual giants of the twentieth century and arguably one of the most influential writers of his day. He was a fellow and tutor in English Literature at Oxford University until 1954, when he was unanimously elected to the chair of Medieval and Renaissance Literature at Cambridge University, a position he held until his retirement. He wrote more than 30 books, allowing him to reach a vast audience, and his works continue to attract thousands of new readers every year. His most distinguished and popular accomplishments include Out of the Silent Planet, The Great Divorce, The Screwtape Letters, and the universally acknowledged classic Mere Christianity.

About Ryan J. Pemberton

Ryan J. Pemberton left a career in marketing and public relations to write about life and faith and God. He has degrees in theology from Duke Divinity School and Oxford University, where he lived in C. S. Lewis's former home, served as President of the Oxford University C. S. Lewis Society, and co-founded the Oxford Open Forum, an interreligious dialogue group. He has written for Duke University Chapel, Bible Study Magazine, and Relevant magazine. Pemberton recently published Called: My Journey to C.S. Lewis’s House and Back Again.

About Tony Ash

For nearly five decades, Dr. Tony Ash (1931 – 2017) researched, read, studied, lectured, and wrote about C. S. Lewis and his essays, lectures, and books. Associated with Abilene Christian University’s College of Biblical Studies for more than 40 years as a Professor, lecturer, and minister, Dr. Ash was also the author of more than a dozen books. Earlier, he was a Professor and lecturer at Pepperdine University’s School of Religion. He earned a Ph.D. in Church History at the University of Southern California.

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    Print list price: $19.99
    Save $6.00 (30%)