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For the Care of Souls

The Lexham Ministry Guides, edited by Harold L. Senkbeil, offer practical, proven wisdom for the church. But wisdom takes time. The authors in this series developed their wisdom through years of ministry experience and conversations with colleagues. These books invite you to enter into these conversations to better serve the Savior’s sheep and lambs with confidence. You will find hands-on tools, lessons from years of ministry experience, and an array of resources to apply to your own ministry context.

Church Music

Church Music

For the Care of Souls

by Phillip Magness

The Lord’s song sings faith into people’s hearts.

Music is central to the life of the church. In Church Music: For the Care of Souls, Phillip Magness helps the church to recover the primary instrument in worship: congregational voices. With voices raised, we sing praises to our God and King for his Son Jesus Christ. Singing calls for a special kind of leadership—not only on the part of musicians, but also among pastors and lay leaders. Together, leaders can help congregations find their voice and reclaim the power of music for the care of souls.

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“Many churches today lack a theological vision of corporate worship, and in particular, of congregational singing. This book helps cast such a vision as a biblical, theological, and pastoral aid for us to sing with greater understanding—and gospel joy!”

Matt Boswell, pastor, The Trails Church

“This book wonderfully blends a principled approach to the church’s song (valuing its heritage) with flexible creativity (expressing the heritage) in ways that will help any congregation to be faithful, authentic, and impactful in its worship life.”

Bryan Gerlach, director, WELS Commission on Worship



And the Care of Souls

by Sean McGever

Evangelism is the heart of pastoral care.

In Evangelism: For the Care of Souls, Sean McGever reminds ministers that announcing—and reannouncing—the good news of Jesus is central to pastoral care. The crucified Jesus has been raised from the dead and is Lord of all. The gospel rightly belongs at the start of a Christian’s life, but its role does not end there. It is the balm and cure of our hearts for all of life. And evangelists must not confuse the messenger with the message. We must all be evangelized and re-evangelized.

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“The role and function of the pastorate involves multiple dimensions of soul-care. One of these facets includes pastors caring for souls through the practice and discipline of evangelism. Sean McGever's Evangelism: For the Care of Souls offers pastors a philosophical framework that is both biblical and practical. I found it helpful and you will, too!”

Matt Queen, professor and L. R. Scarborough Chair of Evangelism (“Chair of Fire”) Associate Dean, Roy Fish School of Evangelism and Missions Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Fort Worth, Texas

“Through careful exegesis, insightful reflection, winsome personal stories, and inspiring historical accounts, Sean helps us all to better understand the importance and practice of evangelism for the care of souls. A must-read for anyone involved in ministry.”

Marty Gray, pastor, Ravenhill Presbyterian Church, Belfast, Northern Ireland

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