Lexham Ministry Guides

For the Care of Souls

The Lexham Ministry Guides, edited by Harold L. Senkbeil, offer practical, proven wisdom for the church. But wisdom takes time. The authors in this series developed their wisdom through years of ministry experience and conversations with colleagues. These books invite you to enter into these conversations to better serve the Savior’s sheep and lambs with confidence. You will find hands-on tools, lessons from years of ministry experience, and an array of resources to apply to your own ministry context.

Pastoral Leadership

For the Care of Souls

by Harold L. Senkbeil & Lucas V. Woodford

Christ’s sheep need shepherding. That’s where you come in.

Based on a sound theological framework, Senkbeil and Woodford present a set of practical tools for church leadership and strategy. Calling on their vast experience, they encourage pastors to protect, guide, and feed their flock as Jesus would, bridging the eternal wisdom of the word of God with the everyday practicality of hands-on leadership.

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“It’s rare to find a work on pastoral leadership that is practical and at the same time rich with grace. With hard-gained wisdom and biblical insight, Harold Senkbeil and Lucas Woodford have provided a guide to shepherding worth every minister’s valuable time.”

Jared C. Wilson, assistant professor of pastoral ministry, Spurgeon College; author of Gospel-Driven Ministry

“This book is both a cautionary tale and hopeful manifesto. On the one hand, it pointedly warns pastors of misplaced identity and unhealthy expectations. On the other hand, it lays out clear and practical principles for developing the right priorities in ministry. I walked away thinking, where was this book when I started in ministry?”

Brandon D. Smith, assistant professor of theology and New Testament at Cedarville University; Editorial Director, Center for Baptist Renewal


For the Care of Souls

by Tim Perry

Death will strike your congregation. Are you ready? Are they?

Fear of death affects us all, and so pastors have significant hurdles to overcome. What Christians need today is a renewed vision of the traditional Christian funeral liturgy. In Funerals, Tim Perry recovers the rich theology inherent to the Christian funeral: communion with the saints in death, peace in forgiveness, hope in the resurrection, and joy in life eternal. Perry guides pastors through the practice of funerals, from planning the service to preaching the eulogy, and offers wisdom for the hard cases.

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“Perry teaches us not only about funerals but about the entirety of Christian dying and living. Pastorally wise, theologically sane, and beautifully written.”

Matthew Levering, James N. and Mary D. Perry Jr. Chair of Theology, Mundelein Seminary; author of Dying and the Virtues

“This is the best of pastoral theology: wise at discerning the times, gentle in its recommendations for the care of souls, incendiary as it fires the pastoral vocation all over again. Reading Funerals will remind you why you wanted to be a pastor in the first place.”

Jason Byassee, Butler Chair in Homiletics and Biblical Interpretation, The Vancouver School of Theology; author of Surprised by Jesus Again


For the Care of Souls

by Heath R. Curtis and Nathan Meador

Stewardship isn’t just managing resources—it’s soul care.

Nathan Meador and Heath R. Curtis present a practical theology of stewardship focused on ministry in service of the gospel. Guiding pastors away from the pitfalls of idolatry around money, they instead call stewards to embrace their identity in Christ and encourage their congregations to do the same. This fresh approach to stewardship reorients both individuals and congregations toward their true purpose as stewards who have been baptized into Christ.

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“Pastors Nathan Meador and Heath Curtis provide a Christ‐centered, pastoral guide to guiding souls from idolatry to joyful generosity. Through the school of hard knocks, faithfulness to Christ’s word, pastoral care, and careful analysis, they have gained a wealth of wisdom. The book’s conversational style and faithful teaching invites inexperienced and seasoned pastors and lay leaders to consider a plan that will strengthen and benefit the Lord’s church for decades to come. I’m so thankful this wisdom is in print.”

David C. Fleming, Executive Director for Spiritual Care, DOXOLOGY: the Lutheran Center for Spiritual Care and Counsel

“Nathan Meador and Heath Curtis bring years of pastoral ministry experience to this project, weaving together theological commitments, biblical understanding, wisdom from their years of service, and insightful counsel for teaching and addressing these vitally important issues in the life of a congregation.”

David S. Dockery, President, International Alliance for Christian Education and Distinguished Professor of Theology, Southwestern Seminary

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