Michael Heiser

Michael Heiser is Executive Director of the Awakening School of Theology and Ministry in Jacksonville, FL.

Michael S. Heiser

Dr. Heiser earned his PhD in Hebrew Bible and Semitic languages and holds and MA in ancient history and Hebrew studies.

He is the coeditor of Old Testament Greek Pseudepigrapha with Morphology and Semitic Inscriptions: Analyzed Texts and English Translations, and can do translation work in roughly a dozen ancient languages, including Biblical Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and Ugaritic cuneiform. He also specializes in Israelite religion (especially Israel’s divine council), contextualizing biblical theology with Israelite and ancient Near Eastern religion, Jewish binitarianism, biblical languages, ancient Semitic languages, textual criticism, comparative philology, and Second Temple period Jewish literature.

In addition, he was named the 2007 Pacific Northwest Regional Scholar by the Society of Biblical Literature.

His varied academic background enables him to operate in the realm of critical scholarship and the wider Christian community. His experience in teaching at the undergraduate level and writing for the layperson both directly contribute to the goal of adapting scholarly tools for nonspecialists.

Discover what the Bible really says about the powers of good and evil.

All too often, a modern Western worldview blinds even Christians to the reality of the spiritual. In Angels and Demons, Michael Heiser debunks popular presuppositions about the very real heavenly host and powers of darkness. Rather than traditions, stories, speculations, or myths, these books are grounded in what ancient people of both the Old and New Testament eras believed about spiritual forces and in what the Bible actually says.

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The truth about demons is far stranger—and even more fascinating—than what’s commonly believed

What people believed about evil spiritual forces in biblical times was very different from today—an ancient worldview missing in modern analysis.

In the Demons documentary, Michael Heiser addressees malevolent entities, supernatural rebellion, spiritual warfare—powers of darkness that are very, very real.

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The Unseen Realm

The Unseen Realm

Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible

In The Unseen Realm, Michael Heiser shines a light on the supernatural world—not a new light, but rather the same light the original, ancient readers—and writers—of Scripture would have seen it in, given their historical and cultural milieu.

With over 100,000 copies sold, The Unseen Realm has become a groundbreaking bestseller. This unfiltered look at the unseen world of the supernatural is now available in paperback and has been developed into a feature-length documentary.

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There’s more to see in The Unseen Realm

Rebellion in God’s council. Spirits of dead giants. Rival gods creating chaos. Do you really believe what's in your Bible?

In the The Unseen Realm documentary, a light is cast on the strange and enigmatic plane of the supernatural that lies hidden within Scripture.

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The Gospel in a Worldwide TV Hit? Stranger Things Have Happened.

Explore glimpses of the gospel in the modern television phenomenon.

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